Meet the Goldsborough's

Kenney and Dawn Goldsborough were teenage sweethearts who have evolved from dating to over 18 years of marriage. Although their relationship has always been admired by many, they have been through the tumultuous storms of life and overcame many trials along the way. They have five children of their own and have been instrumental in caring for 4 siblings. Their children range from the ages of 22 and 12, and the 2 oldest are both in college. Kenney and Dawn are rooted and grounded in the power of relationship, not only with each other but with their children and others in their lives. They are compelled to share their story and offer tools that will empower, encourage, and educate people to rediscover purpose, mend hearts, and restore relationships, one individual—one marriage—one family at a time. 

Before obtaining a Master’s of Arts degree in Human Service Counseling with a specialization in Life Coaching and receiving certifications in Marriage Coaching and Child Advocacy, Dawn has been sought after for at least 20 years and instrumental in coaching individuals through relationship issues and life events. Dawn also works full-time as a Mental Health Professional/Recovery Navigator of which she partners with individuals to provide recovery coaching, recovery education, community coordination, and advocacy for the mentally challenged population. Dawn is known for being transparent and willing to incorporate her own life experiences with coaching strategies—of which has yielded great results. Coaching and motivating others is a part of Dawn’s DNA and she does it naturally.

Kenney is a strong leader and advocates for men to be leaders in their homes for the benefit of the family. For nearly 2 decades, he has been very instrumental in coaching, mentoring, and educating men on the importance of maintaining loving relationships with their wives and children. Kenney is a researcher at heart and has obtained many useful tools that have not only proven to be successful in his own marriage and family but has shown great success in the lives of others. He has been blessed with wisdom and insight along with the ability to provide strategies that will promote strong, successful, and flourishing relationships and lifestyles.

Together, they have coached many individuals and couples, giving them tools and strategies to either enhance their lives or their relationships. This dynamic duo is very effective at bringing motivation mixed with love and accountability to others. They are passionate about their mission to partner with people who desire healthy, loving, and enjoyable relationships.